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Catalyst Wealth Advisors

Optimize your financial life

Investment Management

Catalyst combines years of experience with powerful tools and research to directly manage client investment accountsThe following is intended to provide insight into our investment philosophy and process.  


Long-term investment approach which targets attractive risk-adjusted returns over time

Client risk tolerance (willingness to take risk) and risk capacity (ability to take risk) guides the portfolio construction process

Asset allocation is tailored to each client and is monitored on an on-going basis

Globally diversified portfolio construction allows clients to access a global opportunity set

A total return approach – considers all sources of return in addressing client goals and objectives (interest, dividends and capital appreciation)

Tax implications are factored into both the initial portfolio construction and ongoing decision-making process

Employ thematic investing within client portfolios, where appropriate, in order to capitalize on powerful innovations and secular trends in the market


Catalyst is 100% independent, which means we are not bound by proprietary investments or corporate investment direction. We subscribe to institutional level research and leverage high-quality investment managers on behalf of our clients.

Fundamental Analysis

Considers the quality of metrics such as revenue, earnings per share, dividend yield, free cash flow, and relative valuation when making purchase and sale decisions.

Technical Analysis

Helps inform entry and exit points when buying and selling individual securities using metrics such as price trends and trading volume.

Supplemental Analysis

Economic forecasts, market commentary, institutional analyst coverage, quarterly earnings calls.

Wealth Planning

Catalyst believes in a comprehensive approach to wealth planning while helping clients address needs in several areas of focus. The following is intended to provide insight into our wealth planning areas of expertise and our approach. 

Topics we can discuss

Even a good investment plan can be undermined by failing to optimize for taxation. That is why we offer tax-efficient investment strategies that will support your long-term goals. We will always keep a keen eye on the potential tax impacts of any recommendations we make within your plan.

Whether you are already retired and looking to optimize your cash flow and withdrawal strategies, or simply want to put yourself in the best position to get there, we can outline the necessary steps to make your plan a reality.
Navigating insurance can be time consuming and immensely complex. We can review your existing insurance coverages including life, health, disability, long-term care, and property and casualty. If coverages are inadequate based on your wealth plan, we will help coordinate efforts with trusted insurance agents to help get you there.

Life can change quickly, but our team is here to support you in your plans to make your wealth have an impact beyond you. We help our clients think through elements of their estate planning initiatives including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and beneficiary designations. We can also coordinate with our clients’ estate planning attorney when it comes time to draft, execute, and implement estate planning documents.

Your wealth can make a difference in the world. If charitable giving is one of your goals, we can help you manage the process and ensure you receive tax benefits while making the most impact possible. For many families, it is important to share not merely money, but their vision for their wealth with the next generation. If you would like to do so, we can help you manage your legacy in a seamless and coordinated way.

Catalyst 360°

Comprehensive wealth planning and investment management
With our core offering, we can give you a 360 degree look at your financial life and help you design a wealth plan to meet your goals. We set measurable checkpoints to implement a plan, evaluate your performance, and adjust recommendations as you progress toward your goals. As a part of this long-term relationship, we directly manage your portfolio, creating a custom investment management approach that aligns with your Catalyst 360° wealth plan.